This is not a pyramid scheme….

Fun in the sun... (pic courtesy of David Robertson)

Over the last few days (and most likely over the next couple of weeks) I haven’t been able to blog as much as I would like. The factors currently considered top suspects are the nice weather and impending exams.

So, today I thought I’d write a quick post about some of my favourite things written/produced by other Imperial Science Communication students…several of whom you can see in varying states of panic in the photo above!

Starting from the bottom of the pyramid there is this post by James which features an amazing and beautiful photo from the Chapada Diamantina National Park in Brazil. Also on the bottom row are Andrew, Andy and myself. Andrew  recently wrote a very interesting article on the increasingly discussed topic of women in science blogging, whilst Andy  was in this very entertaining episode (along with several other very talented people) of the Radioshow Science at 1.

Moving up and from left to right, we have Dave (my blography nemesis), Charlie and George, who are all excellent writers. I had to suppress a ‘blog post jealousy’ when reading a really good recent article by Charlie on human reactions to ‘robot nurses’ as I was intending to write about the same research!

Changing opinions on climate change is something that is talked about a lot and, to be honest, can get a tad tedious. But, I found George’s recent article on the use of video games to educate about climate change a really refreshing look at the issue from an unusual angle.

Dave is a very prolific blogger but, instead of choosing some of his photography or writing I thought I would share this very impressive stop motion animation  he produced with Nils and Morag:

On the penultimate layer of the pyramid is Lizzy and Camila.  Lizzy writes very engaging articles, my favourite of which is this one on the science of sleep deprivation and grouchiness.

I swear that every year when I go on holiday I hear a different reason why mosquitos ‘like’ some people and not others (my favourite being that mosquitos hate marmite and wont bite people who eat it!), which is why I found Camila’s most recent post on the actual reason for the differences such an interesting article!

Standing proud on top of the pyramid is Thea. As a self-confessed, well publicised, against rehab film geek I found her article on the science behind the brilliant film ‘Never Let Me Go’ a really good read.

I will also give a ‘shout out’ to a few other people who decided they valued their health and did not participate in the human pyramid:

Anna (who was involved in other pyramid makings but not the one in the photo) and her pursuit of someone in science communication with a worse moral standing than James Delingpole is well worth a look.

Also, not having studied much to do with non-human medical conditions I found Chloe’s article on Canine Transmissible Venereal Tumour very interesting, it also has a brilliant title!

The I,Science podcast is also another great thing to listen to, featuring and produced by lots more very talented science communication and science media production students (including Tom who is hiding at the back of the pyramid).

So, there we have it. Lots of lovely science reading/listening/watching, enjoy :)!


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