Blography Challenge 2011

"One Hundred Billion Hits!"

World domination. It has been the goal of many throughout history. Some have faired better than others. But, as of tomorrow there will be two new individuals trying to conquer the world in a different way. David Robertson and I will be playing a game of ‘Blogging Risk’, which we have entitled “The Blography Challenge“.

Using we will each attempt (within the month of April) to achieve the following targets [now updated slightly as I didn’t have the paper we jotted the challenges on when I wrote the post]:

1) A hit from all the states in the US

2) A country for every letter of the alphabet (except X!)

3) The first to complete each continent:





North America

South America


4) Achieving a hit from 50, 100 then 150 countries (out 0f 196)

The challenge will be scored in pints. The first person to complete each task is owed a pint by the other. At the end, we will tally up…then head to the pub!

May the best blogger win…


10 thoughts on “Blography Challenge 2011

  1. Antarctica: hmmm, I wonder who’d be the first one to get that one! All the best, two of my fav science bloggers at war: this should be fun! 🙂

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