Science Philosophy: A Collaborative Learning Tool

Science is a collaborative endeavor. It takes many smalls steps, by a great number of people for a major discovery to occur. So, in the spirit of collaboration I have set up an open science philosophy timeline project, which people can either just take a look at or contribute and add more events to. 

I find that being able to see the rise and fall of different theories in relation to each other very useful. If you click on the image below it will take you to the timeline. Each little date entry contains a link to the book/video in which the theory was outlined. You will see that this is very much a work in progress with lots of important dates and theories missing, so please feel free to add them. This was made with a program called Dipity which is a very cool tool for communicating data.

Click to view interactive timeline

P.s. Apologies for lack of posts recently, it is revision time currently. Normal writing will be resumed in not too long.

One thought on “Science Philosophy: A Collaborative Learning Tool

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