The Sound of Science: An Experiment

[Update: to check out the results and explanations post click here]

So far in this blog I have pretty exclusively commented and reported on science. Well, today is a bit different. With your help we shall engage in a little experiment! [Update: to see the results and explaination  post click here]

Embedded below is a sound that has some science theory behind it. To at least try and prevent any mean ol’ placebo results I am not going to say what the science is. The longer you listen to the sound the better, but I do understand that it isn’t particularly aurally pleasant! It also supposedly works best with headphones. [update: for some people it seems the embedded player doesn’t work if this happens to you the sound is also here]

Beneath the track is a poll to fill in after you have listened to the sound. Tomorrow (March 4th) I will reveal the results along with the theory, and we shall see if the science is right!

Also if people were to share this that would be great, the more data the merrier :D!

p.s. Don’t worry it’s not the ‘Brown Note’…


13 thoughts on “The Sound of Science: An Experiment

    • Yeah sorry about that, had to record it off the site it was on cause otherwise it would have explained the theory behind it.

    • Really? I tried it on the latest firefox 4.0 beta 12 and worked fine for me…the sound isn’t supposed to break browsers!

      • Mine is the latest edition of 3.x (as of day before yesterday).

        Hmm, I just tried Internet Explorer and the player didn’t even show up. I must have messed up some setting someplace. (Maybe in the effort of trying to protect myself from myself.)

        Oh, well, in a few years I’ll get another computer and the problem will disappear.

        Thanks for your answer.

      • Oh ok, very odd! Well here is the link to the site where the sound is hosted, will update the post encase that’s happening to quite a few people…

  1. I feel enrgized but I quickly has been bored … and I this kind that is an electronc music lover including acid hardcore techno…

    Truly it s remember me one time when i was adolescent we try we had sniif soñe fuel with a friend… and what you feel after smell a long time diesel it s exactly this sound ….

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  3. After reading the results, I couldn’t help but coming here for listening to the sound. I haven’t even finished listening to it, I have to confess: it’s irritated me since the very beginning. =:o( Night, night… I need to sleep tight now.

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