Viral Science: Einstein or Monroe Optical Illusion

Viral Science: Einstein or Monroe Optical Illusion

I am now free from exams, so aim to get my writing back on track. As a way of easing myself back into this post features a very cool scientific optical illusion. Now who do you see if you look at the image below? The father of modern physics or Hollywood’s most iconic sex symbol?

At normal distance from the screen you should see the face  Albert Einstein. However, if you  squint your eyes or move away from the screen. Marylin Monroe should be visible in the image instead. It is also said that those with short sightedness will see Monroe instead of Einstein initially. However, not having short sightedness I am unable to vouch for this!

So now you have successfully changed Einstein into Marilyn. Here is her famous performance of ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’ from Some Like it Hot (1959), if you were able to switch between the two in this I image Einstein would give a rather different performance…. 

The image was originally created for a 2007 issue of New Scientist

Viral Science: Perpetual Motion Waterfall

Viral Science: Perpetual Motion Waterfall

As scientists continue to search for alternatives to fossil fuels, one guy in a garage in Germany has the solution.

Step aside bio-fuels and cold fusion because perpetual motion is here! 

Or is it, check out a production version of Escher´s waterfall below:

Ok, so it’s an optical illusion. But, if that isn’t enough to placate your optical desires here a bit of gravity breaking too:

p.s. Will get back to some proper posts soon once I have emerged from my exams/revision cocoon 🙂