Viral Science: The “Most Beautiful” Science Experiment

Viral Science: The “Most Beautiful” Science Experiment

I often think that science doesn’t fully take advantage of what can be achieved with the viral video platform. However, this video by NatSciDemos has succeeded in going well and truly  viral and has achieved over 2.3 million views. Professor Richard Wiseman described it as one of “the most beautiful videos”. Check it out and prepare to be memorised:

What do you think, is there a more visually stunning experiment? If so drop me a comment below, would be cool to generate a bit of a list of beauty within science.

Check it out here

Viral Science: Big Bang Stop Motion Art

Here is another viral video for you. This guy is amazing! His name is Blu and he does stop motion animation on a huge scale, some of you may have seen his previous video Muto which has been quite successful on the internet. However, his latest project has a science slant. It (with a degree of artistic license) tells the past present and future of life, the universe and everything. The project took him months and is truly mind boggling! It is definitely well worth a watch:

Hope you enjoy 🙂