New Multimedia Science Blog Launches

Today sees the launch of a new multimedia blog on the PLoS Blogs network.  Called ‘Inside Knowledge’, it is produced by Lizzie Crouch, David Robertson, Anna Perman and myself. Over its 12 week duration we will be embedding with, and reporting on, the Imperial College Blast Lab.

Every week we will release a post looking to shine a light on the craft of science. We aim to use as much multimedia as possible, so as to really bring the lab to life.

Our first post is a trailer, it explores the lab and gives hints at the themes of the research we are aiming to explore over the next 12 weeks. To check it out click here.

For more information you can check out the about page of our blog and to stay updated with our developments you can follow us on Twitter here.


2 thoughts on “New Multimedia Science Blog Launches

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