Science Hoax of the Week – Musical Condoms

This was originally printed in Felix however, has been expanded on here.

This is hoax dates back to the mid 90’s when reports in the UK emerged that a Hungarian Scientist had invented a condom which would play music when put on. The stories reported that the song selected for the condoms was ‘Arise, Ye Worker’ (aka the communist hymn The Internationale). Despite their best efforts no one was ever able to find Ferenc Kovacs and his lyrical inventions. But you can enjoy the song here:

The same occurred almost a decade late when reports surfaced that Ukranian Dr Grigorii Chausovskii had produced condoms with ‘sensors’ that would alter the music they played depending on wearers position and would get louder the more vigorous the action. The report it still available on the website of The Sun here. Again it turned out to be nothing more than a hoax with Dr Chausovskii and his invention impossible to track down.

Having done a bit more research into this area of hoaxery, the condom seems to be a surprisingly popular choice! However, one story dismissed as a hoax which had an element of truth was passed round via email a few years ago. The story went that in China used condoms were being manufactured into elastic bands and hair ties and being sold, causing risk of STI’s and generally just being disgusting. The presence of condoms within the hair ties was discovered by a woman who noticed when her hair tie had frayed that the elastic was an unusual colour. Now, whilst this story does appear to be true in certain respects it is not believed that the condoms were used. It is thought that they were factory run-offs that failed quality control and were put to another use.


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